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MP300 TCL2 Contactless Card/Terminal and NFC Device Tester


The main features of the MP300 TCL2 are :

  • Compatibility with smartcards,  RFID tags, inlays, e-Passports, micro-modules, and NFC objects
  • Support of the ISO/IEC 14443, ISO/IEC 15693, ISO/IEC 18092, MifareTM, FeliCaTM protocols
  • Supports NFC-IP1, NFC-IP2 specifications, in all modes (active, passive mode, in active and target variantes)
  • Supports all test cases defined by the NFC Forum (analog and digital)
  • Fully implements NFC peer to peer protocol
  • Open for implementation of custom protocols
  • Endless possibilities of protocolary customisation
  • All physical parameters can be adjusted (field strength, carrier frequency, modulation index, ...)
  • Spy of the exchanges happening between the tester and the tested object
  • Accurate timing measurement features
  • Sequencer, for a perfect test scenario repetition and advanced protocol testing
  • Advanced physical measurement functionalities (chip impedance, resonance frequency measurement, field measurement)
  • Compatible with Micropross'Universal Contactless Bench and ISO 18047 Test Bench
  • Can be synchronised with a MP300 TC3 or SC1, for analysis of dual interface smartcards, or NFC objects
  • Open platform : integrate the MP300 TCL2 inside your own test platform
  • Supplied with the MPManager software suite, enabling the complete control of the tester without any programming knowledge
  • Presence of numerous business oriented interpreters, including ICAO, EMV, NFC-IP1, NFC-Forum, for a better understanding of all spied exchanges.
  • Tool is already compatible with Contactless Very High Baudrate (VHBR) testing, as proven in this document

 This tester will typically be used in the following contexts :

  • Debug of a smartcard operating system
  • Quality inspection tasks
  • Compliance checking of a smartcard with defined standards
  • Electrical qualification of a smartcard or a micro-module
  • NFC testing sessions